May 5, 2016 Meeting Highlights

Highlights from our annual meeting May 5, 2016:

  • Watchable wildlife grant is almost complete. Blinds, binoculars, spotting scope and lists of wildlife are now available . Signs are being made.
  • Jeff has lined up several Boy Scout troops to help with tree removal on Windlass Hill, May 14.
  • Family Fun and Fish Day is planned for May 21 in the park. 200 trout will be stocked in the pond. Nursing home may bring bus with residents to fish and enjoy the day. This is a free day in the park.
  • 150th celebration event is moving forward. The Steering committee has been formed. The Event will be named “Covergence on Sacred Ground”, bringing together 5 cultures that utilized Ash Hollow during the years surrounding Nebraska statehood. An application to the 150th Commission has been submitted and we are awaiting our designation, June 5th.
  • 75th anniversary of Kingsley Dam- we will host cyclist making the trek around Big Mac , July 21st , as a stopping place in Ash Hollow. Refreshments will be served.
  • Activities planned for summer include a 5 k Run in June, James Hanson lectures on fur trappers and Native Americans and Pioneer life will be held in July and August, and a Youth day camp will be held July 27th.
  • The revised ByLaws were presented for a vote and were passed by 3/4 vote of members present.
  • Nominations for two vacant positions on the Board of Directors were invited. DeAnn Beard and Melissa Engel announced desire to run another term. No other nominations were made. They will remain on the Board.
  • The Board of Directors met and retained officers in their current positions. They also approved all business and the formation of a Steering Committee for the 150th event.
  • The next member and Board of Directors meeting will be held on Thursday, June 2nd, 2016.

    Plan to join our group and attend our lively meetings or participate in our activities!

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