Interpretive Center


Welcome to the interpretive and educational center for the Ash Hollow sesquicentennial event:  Convergence on Sacred Ground! 

 Our mission is to expand your knowledge and understanding of the five groups  that occupied Ash Hollow in it’s formative years.  The Native Americans, followed by the Fur Trappers and Traders.  The United States Military, followed by the Overland Trail Pioneers and finally, the cattlemen and women.

 Here you will find a chronological history of how these five powerful groups interacted with each other, and the environment that shaped them.   Educational packets, books authored by headlining speakers, art work, educational exhibits on Crazy Horse, Cattlewomen and collections of images and journals will help you deepen your understanding of The American West.  Throughout the weekend please visit the interpretive center often as we will be hosting educational lecture events, author meet and greets as well as our book and commemorative store.

Our hope is you walk away with a sincere appreciation of each of these proud and honorable groups.

Come learn how the 5 cultures of Ash Hollow and learned from one another. The Interpretive Center will be located inside the Lewellen Fire Hall. The Center will be full of photographs, displays, and actual items that represent life from 150 years ago. There will also be educational packets available for distribution.